Social Innovation Challenge

Supporting Common Good Leadership

The aim of the Social Innovation Challenge is to support the development of innovative projects to address some of the common challenges identified by patients and their families.

There are many people in the community that have great ideas to support patients and address common public health challenges. What is missing is the opportunity to develop those ideas into projects that can be implemented and have a positive impact. The program therefore provides a platform where individuals can develop their ideas, while being supported to use evidence-based approaches, connect with local communities, learn from leaders in the field of public health, and make decisions based not only on economic and empirical advice, but compassion and greater good objectives.

The Social Innovation Challenge is a 12 week program based in Geneva, Switzerland. The focus of the program is to develop innovative, community-based projects addressing one of the following broad areas:

i. Equitable access to affordable therapeutics

ii. Equitable access to health services, particularly diagnostic tests for early diagnosis

iii. Supporting people to navigate the health system, including access to clinical trials

iv. Timely and appropriate access to information and support

There will be a maximum of 20 participants in the 12 week program. This means that at the end of the program, there will be 20 new projects addressing the needs of patients, 20 new projects that engage the community and 20 new projects that provide solutions to 20 unique public health challenges.