The International Centre for Community-Driven Research is a non-profit organisation bringing much needed change to the way we think about community engagement in health. Our vision is to create a more patient-driven health sector

Our mission is to build capacity in the non-profit sector to support patients and their families, and facilitate meaningful connection between service providers, research organisations, the non-profit sector, practitioners, industry, government and the communities for which they provide a service or aim to benefit – all while giving patients a voice in decision-making.

ICCDR is an independent and unaffiliated organisation. We were established to be responsive to stakeholder needs, and deliver services that advance the translation of research through community engagement, in a timely and effective manner. To our knowledge, we are the only organisation providing this level and type of service, and the only organisation taking a community-based approach to addressing some of the most challenging health problems.

ICCDR’s headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland, with two country offices in Australia and the United Kingdom. Additional country offices will be established in other regions in the future.

Core programs

ICCDR have three core programs

– Patient Experience, Expectations and Knowledge (PEEK) research program
– National Standing Committees
– Social Innovation Challenge

Each program is developed to drive our vision of creating a more patient-centric health sector, while supporting patients and patient organisations to also achieve their goals. Click on the images to learn more about each program.