About us

The Centre for Community-Driven Research (CCDR) is a non-profit organisation bringing much needed change to the way we think about, conduct and sustainable translation of research into policy and practice.

Our vision is to facilitate meaningful connection between service providers, research organisations, the non-profit sector, practitioners, industry, government and the communities for which they provide a service or aim to benefit.

The outcome will be that we will accelerate research through developing projects that have a better chance of being translated into practice; we will have a closer connection between the community, practitioners, researchers and industry; and we will have a better understanding of the value of research and the need to implement research findings into practice.

CCDR is an independent and unaffiliated organisation with one level of governance. We were established to be responsive to stakeholder needs, and deliver services that advance translational research through community engagement, in a timely and effective manner. To our knowledge, we are the only organisation providing this level and type of service, and the only organisation taking a community-based approach to addressing some of the most challenging social problems.

CCDR is an organisation supporting the uptake of research and providing strategic thinking in research, while facilitating the connection between academic, industry, government, not-for-profit and community sector